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A guitar is one of the most personal objects you use everyday, you feel each and every curve on the neck and the body, how and where to hold it, to play in any style you favour. Finding a new best friend doesn't require you to compromise, you know what size of body fits your shape, you have a favourite neck profile that sits perfectly in your palm.

When you commision a new guitar from Peregerine Guitars you will be guided through every detail of the build. From wood choices for the top, back, sides and fretboard to the size and shape of your guitar to the sound you want to be able to achiveve. The small details are also so very important, the rosettes, the binding, the shape of the heel all combine to make yours the pinnacle of beautiful guitar design.

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Spruce Soundboard Braces


The first stage of any new build is to meet up, play some of my guitars and see if it suits your needs. If that works for you then bring along your favourite guitar and we can have a chat about the specifics of what you need in a new guitar to make it feel right from the get go.

We then fill out a questionnaire, detailing every last aspect of your build.



The cost of a build is £1,200 plus materials. Materials vary depending on your wants for example we we buy stunning Walnut backs and sides for £80, we could equally buy premium Koa sides from Hawaii, but expect to pay nearer £750. The same is true for every aspect of the build, beautiful rosette inlays can cost £3 for simple ourfling circles or £80 for shell inlays. If you were to budget £400 for the timber on the build you could have a beautiful guitar as a result.

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If you like to get in touch about having a guitar built for you or even learning how to build your own, it would be great to hear from you.