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The feeling you get when you first hear the guitar you built make a sound stays with you forever. You tighten up the strings one by one and try to keep it as quiet as possible, then, when the sixth is fitted, you play, you smile, you play and you smile. The brilliance is that everytime you play, you smile!

The acoustic guitar is machine with no moving parts, yet every piece will vibrate to make the its own sound signature. The skill in building a guitar is in controlling which aspects of the guitar vibrate to give the sound you want, once you have prepared your peices putting them together is suprisingly simple.

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I offer courses to help you build your dream. I will guide you through each stage where you will learn about the importance of getting the preparation perfect. You will learn how to get the correct thickness for your guitars top, as this is key to getting a powerful and responsive guitar. You will learn how different parts of the build require different joints and the most efficient way to cut them.

We then fill out a questionnaire, detailing every last aspect of your build.


6 Day Course - £1,200 + Materials

In 6 days you can build a beautiful guitar. You will prepare every aspects of the build and combine it to make a beautiful instrument. The guitar will include a beautifully thicknessed top, a simple rosette, contrasting binding around the top and back and a simple headstock plate. There is an awful lot of work to do in 6 days, but with my guidance we will end up with a stunningly good guitar.

Extra Days - £150 per day

Maybe you want to have more time to relax and contemplate different aspects of your build. Maybe you would like to incorporate more intricate features into the build, purfling edges inside your binding, binding on your fretboard, shell inlays on the top, laminated necks, intricate mother of pearl inlays on the fretboard, live backs. These features make the guitar more personal to you, but they each take time. Therefore I have a flexible approach so you can book in extra days as an when you need them.

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If you like to get in touch about having a guitar built for you or even learning how to build your own, it would be great to hear from you.